How Hindsait Works

Hindsait sits alongside our clients' existing information systems or is embedded within them, directly effecting workflow to support decision making. Hindsait leverages clinical best practices and our clients' own historical and real-time data to speed up clinical and administrative decisions, prevent errors and fraud, and create a multitude of quality, growth and savings opportunities.

NLP: NATURAL LANGUAGE PROCESSING Unlocks invaluable clinical data

Hindsait's NLP (Natural Language Processing) and constantly improving medical lexicon allow us to rationalize data we unlock from unstructured clinical notes - including faxed charts and EMRs. This is invaluable to healthcare payors and providers who work manually with unstructured clinical notes every day but have never been able to analyze this information as a rationalized, comprehensive dataset.

So, thanks to Hindsait’s clinically optimized Natural Language Processing, Hindsait can help healthcare payors and providers leverage clinical histories to improve their most vexing business and clinical challenges.

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MACHINE LEARNINGEnables the indentification of connections and patterns that humans miss

Hindsait uses supervised and unsupervised machine learning to mine vast clinical and business datasets to uncover hidden trends and connections that humans miss.

We develop a constantly updated HIPAA compliant secure dataset for each client. It consists of clinical histories, historical clinical and administrative decisions, patient demographics, additional clinical knowledge (guidelines and best practices) and more.

Hindsait uncovers insights that are impossible for humans to find on our own, insights that make a real difference to our clients’ financial outcomes and their patient health population.

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PREDICTIVE ANALYTICS AND SCORESBoth improve and speed up clinical decision making.

Hindsait's cognitive computing produces predictive scores that help our clients manage complex challenges like realtime optimization of diagnostic and treatment plans.

Our cognitive computing models use machine learning algorithms to “score” current cases along a variety of variables making it possible for Hindsait to instantly alert providers and payors of how their decisions compare with thousands of similar cases. Outliers are identified and analyzed both automatically and by clinicians and administrators and then fed back to Hindsait to improve future scoring. This process of supervised and non-supervised machine learning enables constant improvement of the entire system for even better, faster and more consistent decision making over time.

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Data and insights are not enough. Hindsait becomes part of our clients' workflow, supporting real-time clinical decision making and optimizing patient health outcomes with fewer unnecessary services, errors and fraud.

Our open-source system and API make it possible for us to easily integrate with a wide variety of client systems.

And Hindsait’s SaaS platform includes both standard and custom reports designed around each client's particular needs. Our state of the art query tool enables even deeper analytics either by Hindsait’s team on behalf of a client or by a client’s own analysts.

See our case study that shows how Hindsait helps payors, ACO's and hospital / group administrators compare providers by patient outcomes and cost - adjusting for differences in their patient populations.

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Our Customers Who We Benefit

HEALTHCARE PAYERS OF ALL KINDSHealth Plans, Benefits Management Companies, Self-Insured Employers, more...

The landscape for healthcare payors is changing fast. Payors are scrambling to keep their footing as costs continue to rise and options for healthcare coverage explode.

Hindsait's artificial intelligence enabled SaaS platform helps payors leverage big data to improve patient outcomes and drive down their own operating costs as well as those of the providers and employers they represent.

HEALTHCARE PROVIDERSACO'S, Large Hospitals, Home Health Care Agencies and providers of all kinds

Providers are inherently motivated to deliver the highest quality care they can. Now they are asked to reduce costs at the same time. The calculation required to consider tradeoffs of providing personalized and evidence based care while keeping costs down isn't easy. Hindsait helps. At the point of service and through education that can deliver surprising insights, Hindsait helps providers drive better healthcare while also helping them use data to manage and optimize their own bottom lines.

OTHER HEALTHCARE ENTITIESData Aggregators, Blood Banks, more

Hindsait takes on healthcare improvement related engagements that leverage big data with predictive analytics and artificial intelligence across the entire industry.

See our case study that shows how Hindsait helps a major urban blood center increase donations from an underrepresented minority population.

PATIENT HEALTH Ultimately We Serve Patients

When bad outcomes are prevented, when spending gets optimized, healthcare just gets better. Ultimately we help to improve the overall patient health population. Hindsait helps patients.

Testimonials What They Say About Us

"Hindsait’s technology and creative approach have opened new doors in how we use data to manage our business. Hindsait complements Magellan's vision of better and more affordable healthcare. Hindsait's artificial intelligence and predictive analytics product offers Magellan yet another way to combine advanced analytics with the clinically-based approach that has made us an industry leader in specialty management solutions.

- Tina Blasi, CEO of NIA/Magellan

"We worked with Hindsait for more than a year to fine tune the particular application of predictive analytics that would enhance our efficiency without compromising quality."

- Laurel Douty, COO of Magellan Healthcare

"What truly makes Hindsait’s capability unique is its ability to leverage artificial intelligence to identify meaningful clinical insights that create a better pathway for care delivery"

- Renee Finley, Head-GuideWell Innovation

"The goal of Healthbox's Studios is to source and evaluate top-tier companies like Hindsait for potential investment. During participation in our Miami Studio, Hindsait’s proven AI technology and differentiated platform, coupled with its seasoned executive team, set it apart. We are excited about Hindsait's potential in solving key challenges that could transform the healthcare industry."

- Ateet Adhikari, Vice President at Healthbox

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